The two brides arrived during the wedding registry workplace on Friday both dolled up in wedding gowns and keeping brides’ bouquets.

The two brides arrived during the wedding registry workplace on Friday both dolled up in wedding gowns and keeping brides' bouquets. </p> <p>

Enclosed by their buddies, Irina and Alyona finalized documents which mark the official begin of the new lease of life as a household.

The few shared pictures through the occasion to their pages at Russian social networking VKontakte (in touch).

Virtually talking, the marriage is unlawful and completely contradicts legislation that is russian which forbids same-sex marriages.

Nevertheless, in appropriate terms it doesn't.

The key let me reveal this one associated with the brides is legally perhaps not a lady.

“Yes, within my passport it says ‘male’,” Irina has told RT.

Irina talks of by herself as being a rather that is transsexual transgender.

“Transgender is a term to spell it out discrepancies between social and biological sex.

I will be transsexual, which means that even though that We have XY chromosomes, psychologically I'm a female,” she explained.

Irina wears women's garments and places on makeup.

Nevertheless on hormones treatment, visually she currently appears like a woman that is real though beneath the legislation this woman is perhaps perhaps not.

The few has utilized this particular fact to formally register their relationship, because underneath the Family Code of Russia marriage is “a voluntary consent of a guy and a female.

Therefore, since Irina’s passport belongs to ‘male’ and Alyona’s to ‘female’ their wedding will not break any law.

But, the function has started to evolve right into a scandal with St.

Petersburg MP Vitaly Milonov, understood for their drive that is anti-LGBT to launch a probe to test the legality associated with the wedding.

“I understood their registry office employees' unconvincing arguments; they formally approached the matter and saw passports, although not individuals.

We told the pinnacle of the marriage registry office that it really is criminal negligence,” he told NTV.

Milonov said that that he intends to get prosecutors included to attempt to avoid such “ugly insults to an incredible number of Russian families later on.

Milonov has gained popularity (or, in a few people’s view, notoriety) in Russia and abroad for sponsoring the initial “gay propaganda ban” ukrainian wife net – the St.

Petersburg city legislation that introduced administrative fines for advertising non-traditional intercourse relations and values to minors.

The bill was later on passed away at a Federal degree, despite protests from Russian LGBT activists and international legal rights businesses.

The newlyweds consider themselves the first married LGBT couple despite the threats to cancel their union.

“This is really a big action for everyone of us.

The majority of us want formally get hitched, however in Russia it's still impossible.

For all of us it will be the understanding of our goals.

We wish numerous has this possibility,” bridesmaid Marina Teodori told the media.

Nonetheless, some LGBT activists don't concur that Irina and Alyona is highly recommended a gay few.

“This is by no means a marriage that is same-sex.

This can be a question of transgender, perhaps perhaps not homosexuality,” prominent rights that are gay Nikolay Alekseev told the Russian Information Service.

“This is definitely a story that is old.

There has been cases that are such.

a gender that is certain printed in a passport, but the way they dress when it comes to wedding is the business.